Virtual Learning Page 

This page is constantly evolving and will host resources for your child's virtual learning and technical support for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please be patient as more items will be added as we continue to participate in remote instruction.


Here you will find tutorials for many of our virtual learning tools.  If you find that these do not answer your questions, please fill out a tech help request form, found in the box below this one. 

Chromebook Security Error Fix

If you are receiving an error when trying to connect to Zoom or sites outside of Google that is asking you to sign-in to your company's security service, please do the following.

1. Sign out of the Chromebook so that it goes back to the login screen.

2. Near to your child's name on the login screen there should be a drop down arrow. Click that arrow.

3. Select Remove Account.

4. Once that account is removed. Sign back in with your child's Southeastern Academy email address and password.  It is very important that you spell everything correctly in the email address throughout each step so that the security account will link with the school.  

5. Once signed in, go to your Google Chrome Browser.  Type in in the address bar and hit enter.  

6. This should bring up the security sign-in box again.  Carefully type in your child's Southeastern Academy email address.  Double check to make sure everything is spelled correctly and that you are using NOT .com.  

7. Once you verify what you have typed is correct, hit enter.  

8. If it has worked, it will then take you to the Zoom website and you should not have that error message again. 

9. If you are still having problems, please fill out a Tech Help Request Form below.

Virtual Tech Help

Please complete and submit this form for technical help with elearning during remote learning days.  Mrs. Kennedy will contact those submitting requests in the order the request is recieved, between the hours of 8am and 4 pm on remote learning days only.   IF THIS IS A POWERSCHOOL QUESTION, CONTACT LISA ARD,