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Southeastern Academy Charter School utilizes the TalentEd hiring portal. Please click on the link below to see our Job Board for openings and to apply.


If you experience any technical issues with applying through the portal, please contact:

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Job Description

Southeastern Academy Charter School



Southeastern Academy Charter School is located in Lumberton, NC, and serves 218  K-8 students. Since 2016, SeA has continued to exceed state standards for growth in all academic areas and outscores other schools in the southeast region.  Based on 2022 school performance data, SeA is the #3 performing K-8 charter school in North Carolina and is in the top 6% of all NC public schools.  In September of 2022, the U.S. Department of Education named Southeastern Academy Charter School a 2022 National Blue Ribbon School. Consequently, the North Carolina State Board of Education renewed SeA’s charter for ten years in January of 2023.



Southeastern Academy Charter School will maintain high expectations and promote excellence, especially in the fields of math and science for all students. The school, within its rural community, will foster a caring and creative learning environment. The school emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child. This will be obtained through learning experiences that help children reach their greatest potential in order to function as independent learners in a diverse and ever changing society.



A diverse family of learners that seek to challenge the whole child through innovation.



The Principal serves as the chief administrator of the school and leads the implementation of the school’s mission and vision by maintaining high academic standards, educational practices, and student performance, while creating a stable and nurturing school environment for students and faculty. The Principal organizes, administers, supervises, and evaluates all aspects of the School’s operations, and is a representative of the School in the community. 



The various areas in which the School Principal is expected to provide effective guidance, leadership and administrative success are set forth below.



The Principal will:

  • Represent the School in relations and communications with agencies of government, schools systems, professional organizations, businesses and the general public.

  • Possess strong knowledge of federal, state, and local educational laws, regulations and programs, particularly as they pertain to NC charter schools; recommend policy changes to the Board when appropriate.

  • Continuously monitor and implement appropriate systems and procedures to ensure SeA remains in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Endeavor to stay up-to-date on current and new programs, research, curricula, structures, methodologies and technologies.

  • Maintain an environment that cultivates high academic standards and individual and collaborative leadership; promote continuous quality improvement for both staff and students.

  • Serve as an encouraging, strong, and inspirational leader and mentor for teachers at the School. Establish programs to guide teachers in professional development and attainment of appropriate educational goals.

  • Serve as a liaison to the North Carolina Office of Charter Schools to ensure compliance with all state mandates including End of Grade testing.

  • Ensure students meet or exceed academic growth as indicated by measurement tools which include but are not limited to testing and the NC Report Card: School Performance Score and Growth status.

  • Understand the importance of extracurricular activities to students’ educational experience and work collaboratively with extracurricular coaches/instructors.

  • Monitor and continuously seek ways to improve educational achievement of all SeA students, from those who are struggling to those who are seeking more advanced challenges.



The Principal will:

  • Execute the policy set by the Board of Directors

  • Ensure that SeA maintains sound financial management practices; works with the Board Treasurer and School’s FInancial Officer to ensure the accuracy and stability of financial/budgetary reports, and to facilitate long-term planning.

  • Ensure and oversee periodic state and other audits

  • Ensure that necessary records for SeA are maintained in an organized manner, including a system of financial accounts, business and property records, personnel records (including teacher licensure records), and scholastic records; act as titular custodian of such records and all contracts, securities, documents, title papers, books of records, and other papers belonging to SeA

  • Ensure that all funds, physical assets, and other property of SeA are appropriately safeguarded and administered.

  • Identify, investigate and pursue appropriate funding sources to ensure SeA’s continued financial stability and ability to fund and achieve strategic growth.

  • Supervise daily operations of the School, ensuring a safe and friendly environment; responsible for security and maintenance of School facilities; responsible for procurement and maintenance of School equipment.



The Principal will:

  • Serve as spokesperson for the School; promote SeA locally, state-wide and nationally through participation in relevant educational organizations such as the North Carolina Association of Public Charter Schools and the NC Office of Charter Schools

  • Explain and promote the School's mission to families of prospective students and the broader community

  • Create and implement a student recruitment strategy to promote diversity within the school; seek to enhance or maintain the School’s enrollment.

  • Maintain constructive ties to other schools and organizations

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for media inquiries, except where the media contact should be the Chairperson of the Board. The Principal will advise the Chairperson of all media inquiries.

  • Develop a procedure for news releases and/or other items of public interest emanating from SeA staff which pertains to education matters, policies, procedures, school related incidents or events and approve all media interviews with any SeA staff.

  • Develop good working relationships with local media, community and business leaders.

  • Work with the leadership team to implement a system of effective communication with parents and the School community; develop plans to promote positive parent involvement and volunteerism within the school.



The Principal will:

  • Lead with integrity, honesty and respect and expect and require the same from faculty and staff and hold them accountable for actions that do not demonstrate these qualities.

  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills

  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.

  • Interact daily with the student body and staff to create a hospitable environment

  • React appropriately and respectfully when faced with unexpected or negative situations.

  • Demonstrate the ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and manage numerous tasks at one time.

  • Possess good organizational and computer skills

  • Demonstrate an ability to work with diverse individuals and groups.

  • Maintain one’s own professional development by being well-read, attending conferences, and developing relationships with peers.



The Principal will:

  • Monitor and direct the school faculty and staff and is responsible for their performance; meet with them on a regular basis and provide constructive feedback, support and offer guidance when appropriate.

  • Develop and execute personnel procedures and practices within the parameters set by the Board of Directors.

  • Keep morale high among staff, develop an honest and trusting relationship with staff, parents, students, and Board of Directors; nurtures strong staff loyalty to SeA.

  • Delegate authority to staff appropriate to the position each holds.

  • Develop detailed job descriptions for administrative and support staff and update as necessary.

  • Recruit and retain effective, motivated, creative faculty and staff.

  • Regularly evaluate staff in a consistent and documented manner; responsible for conducting required staff evaluations; make decisions in writing and with supportive data for employment, promotion, or dismissal of personnel and accept responsibility for these decisions.

  • Ensure that salaries for all staff are appropriate and recommend to the Board salary changes which, within budgetary limitations, best serve the needs of SeA.

  • Maintain transparency in keeping staff, parents, students, and Board of Directors informed of personnel plans when appropriate.



The Principal will:

  • Be accountable to the Board of Directors for the administration of the School’s educational system.

  • Execute the intent of Board policy; communicate Board policy and actions to the School’s stakeholders and, when appropriate, to the broader community in a supporting way.

  • Report to the Board regarding all matters affecting the School in any material way, including matters related to the School’s educational mission, finances, and facilities.

  • Ensure effective communication between the Board and the staff, faculty, and administration; relay communications by the Board regarding personnel to SeA administration and staff, as appropriate; share with the Board any communication from administration or staff that may require Board involvement.

  • Act responsibly, if action is necessary, in any matter of an urgent nature or not covered by Board policy; report such action to the Board as soon as possible, and recommend policy amendments in order to provide guidance in the future.

  • Develop, in conjunction with the Board, a viable strategic vision for SeA’s continuous pursuit of educational excellence and other key goals; develop and recommend to the Board long-range plans consistent with population trends, cultural needs, and the Board’s objectives for SeA.

  • Work with the Board to develop appropriate annual goals for SeA and accomplish these goals within the stated time frame.

  • Work with the Board Chairperson to prepare the agenda for Board meetings; prepare and submit recommendations to the Board for all matters requiring board action; place before the Board such necessary and helpful facts, information, analysis and reports as are needed to ensure the Board can make informed decisions within the limited time possible during a board meeting.

  • Attend all meetings of the Board (except where absence is requested or is executed for non-recurring urgent matters or emergencies); ensure the attendance of other employees of the School as necessary depending on the meeting agenda.

  • Work with the Board to develop or revise appropriate programs and policies, upon either the recommendation of the administration or the initiative of the Board.

  • In collaboration with the Board, design and implement a fair and thorough evaluation process for the School Principal position.

  • Develop a harmonious relationship with the Board; remain impartial, treating all Board members fairly and equitably.



  • Master’s Degree in School Administration or a related field from an accredited college or university

  • Three to five years experience in school administration as Principal or Assistant Principal



  • Able to stoop, kneel, crouch, and reach

  • Able to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally and/or up to 20 pounds frequently

  • Able to see clearly and up close

  • Able to receive oral communication via phone and in person

  • Express and/or exchange ideas in spoken word and in written communication

  • Operate a computer, copier and fax machine



  • Employees are required to work in a drug-free workplace

  • Employees are required to work in a smoke-free  workplace



  • Southeastern Academy participates in the State retirement and health plan

  • Contract and salary dependent on the candidate's qualifications and experience within the range of $72-80,000.

  • The Principal reports directly to the SeA Board of Directors



Applications will be reviewed beginning March 15, 2023.  Please submit an online application online to TalentEd Hiring portal. The TalentEd portal includes an application and the following upload tools:

  • A letter of introduction that provides an overview of who you are as an educator and a leader, and describes your vision for an effective K-8th grade school, 

  • Resume,

  • All transcripts and/or certificates that reflect the minimum qualifications, and

  • Three letters of reference including current contact information for each reference.



Kristen Stone, Principal

Phone - 910-738-7828

Fax - 910-671-8067

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