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Next Meeting: 
Thursday, April 11, 2024
5/6 at 8:45am 
7/8 at 1:45pm

Junior Beta Club Pledge
I hereby declare that I shall
always strive to be honest and truthful;
to maintain a credible scholastic record;
to be of service to my teachers and peers;
to conduct myself in an ethical and moral manner
to reflect credit upon my school and community.

Election Nomination Form
Important Dates
Subject to Change

October 12, 2023          MEETING

October 25, 2023         Report Card Check In

November 9, 2023       MEETING

December 13, 2023     Purse Raffle

December 14, 2023     MEETING

January 12, 2024          10 Hr Service Log Due

January 17, 2024            Report Card Check In

January 28-30, 2024   Convention

March 14, 2024                 MEETING

March 21, 2024                 Report Card Check In

March 28, 2024                NEW Member App. DUE

April 11, 2024                     MEETING

April 23, 2024                    Spring Induction

May 2, 2024                         24-25 Election Nominations

May 10, 2024                      10 Hr Service Log Due

May 14, 2024                       24-25 Officer Election

May 24, 2024                      Report Card Check In

Beta School of Distinction Badge.png
Southeastern Academy Charter School's student body is invited to participate in the National Junior Beta Club in grades four through eight by demonstrating high scholastic achievement, honorable character and leading others through service projects.  Annually, students are inducted into the club based on a 93% core academic subject area grade average and teacher recommendations.  Once joining the club, students lead various service projects within the school community and participate in the annual North Carolina Junior Beta Club Convention or other academic overnight trip.  Southeastern Academy is proud to honor 63% of our eligible students with this exclusive membership in 2023.   
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